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  • Create or import data from all ERPs
  • Planilog APS will schedule and optimize your data
  • Visualize your data on our powerful online gantt
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Solutions : Apparel, Aircraft Maintenance, call centers, train manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, offfice organization, building projects, printing workshops and scores of other fields among our thousands of users !

A flexible multipurpose Responsive Advanced Planning Solution

Planilog has delivered corporations and small companies since 1992
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Scheduling, Advanced Planning, Expertise

Display your Excel Sheet in our online Gantt

An easy way to start scheduling is to simply import your Excel Sheet into Planilog Pro. Once the data is imported, you can view it. You can also choose to go further by drag & dropping tasks. You can also move to a higher level and run automatic scheduling on your imported data ! Our One-Click APS feature makes it easy with no training !

Import your ERP Data in our online Gantt

Planilog Connect is our ERP software connector and can read data directly in databases. Or Planilog Pro can import files : SAP, Microsoft Dynamics (NAV), SAGE and many more.

Interactive Scheduling

Planilog Pro is interactive : drag, drop, modify, create tasks. 100+ functions are there to help you schedule.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Planilog Pro contains a very powerful automatic planning system.


We are Advanced Planning and Scheduling experts. We can help you choose the right data to schedule, the right way to display it and the best way to optimize your planning strategies. Since 1992, our experience with thousands of users can help you find the best way to optimize your processes.


One of the powerful features of Planilog Pro is its workflow capability. Share your schedule with your team, work on it together from different locations. Synchronize your work.

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Our online demos (phone & web) are designed to understand your needs and explain how they can be solved with our solution.
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Business secrets

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    Our expertise has increased through hundreds of projects. For each project, we have learnt how to add the unique and new concepts of a given company to our standard product.

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    We adapt our standard version through an on going process when required at a very free to low cost.

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    Planilog produces intermediate minor versions between major versions so that you don't have to wait long to get a new feature.

Which software to choose ?

On today's market, you're looking for high quality and low (or free) software.

  • Simple and quick to use
  • Covers basic functionality
  • Low price or free, web orientated
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Nothing to install on user terminals. No ActiveX, no Java program, no .net package; really nothing ! Use our application in one click !

Why purchase Planilog ?


Since 1992 we've worked with thousands of users. Our free version and low cost version draw hundreds and hundreds of new users a year.


Our SAAS solution is shared by thousands of users. Our policy is not to have a customer pay for the whole cost of the SAAS Cloud platform but only his share. Which is why our licences are so cost effective !

Why get in touch with us ?

Expertise is the key to success for a planning/scheduling project. What use are features without real knowledge of how to apply them to your needs ?
  • We provide expertise on how to build your planning/schedule
  • We have hundreds of sample sites based on real projects to help you build your project
  • We have real scheduling/planning consulting experience
We offer a POC(Proof of Concept) approach. By taking your data and running it in our solution, we show the possibilities and limits of our solution. You know exactly where you're going when you choose our solution.

Our experts available for online web and phone sessions to explain and help build solutions.

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