• Finite Capacity

Finite Capacity

A resource (machine, tool, person) can be defined in finite capacity. This property can be applied to all ressources or only to some resources.

  • Infinite capacity

Infinite Capacity

A resource (machine, tool, person) can be defined in infinite capacity. This property can be applied to all ressources or only to some resources

  • Efficiency


Efficieny is expressed in a % from 1% to x%. Low efficiency will increase the duration of a task. High efficiency will reduce the duration of a task

  • First Available

First Available

Planilog APS has many automatic resource assignment features. One is to find the first available resource for a given activity.

Efficiency optimizing strategy

Planilog APS will automatically find the resource with the highest effiency. This way tasks with high priorities will be quickly produced.

  • Efficiency

Most loaded strategy

Planilog APS will automatically find the resource with the highest load. This way a limited number of resources will be loaded.

  • Efficiency

FIFO strategy

Planilog APS will consume the resources in the order the user set in the resource groups. The user controls the choices.

  • Efficiency

Neuronal strategy

Planilog APS can be configured to follow a neuronal strategy (best global resources chosen) with a learning transformation function.

  • Efficiency

Resource groups

Resource groups are groups containing resources that can potentially be used for a given task. Then Planilog-APS will optimize the group.

  • Efficiency

Resource Location

A Planilog APS resource is linked to a location. Planilog APS can optimize resources in multiples locations(plants, countries, other) in one run.

  • Efficiency

Resource capacity per period

A Planilog Resource can have an unlimited number of periods with a different capacity per period (minutes, units, other).

  • Efficiency

Locked Resource

A PLANILOG APS resource can be locked, i.e., the task will use this resource and no other for WIP or locking schedules.

  • MRP


Planilog APS contains an MRP module : stock management, stock consumption, purchasing calculations, lead time and all MRP functionality.

  • MRP II


Planilog APS contains an MRP II module which can manage ALL resources and link them to the capacity planning module.

  • MPS


Planilog APS contains an MPS module linked to the MRP II module to produce globally optimized planning and schedule.

  • Tracking


PLANILOG APS has limited tracking capability for simple projects. However Planilog APS can import date from all tracking systems.

  • Efficiency

  • Workflow-Management

    Planilog Web Gantt's Workflow features(see Gantt) include APS functionality optimizing workflow activities, milestones and alerts.

  • Workflow-networking


Beyond Planilog Gantt's basic networking features (see Gantt), Planilog APS can automatically schedule alerts and manage them.

  • Efficiency


Planilog APS takes all the activities and available resources into account and will provide optimized resource assignment simulations.

  • Efficiency


Planilog APS manages workflow constraints : travel time, meeting rooms, conflicts, tools, vehicules and many more.

  • Efficiency


There are many great project management solutions on the market. Planilog APS offers its own or can optimize data from other systems.

  • Efficiency


Planilog APS automatically assigns resources to all activities : the best persons available, best constraints, best time frames.

  • Efficiency


Planilog can freeze a whole project (from a few to thousands of activities) with offsets and links(see links) and find the right time frame for all activities.

  • Efficiency

Project-Big Data

Some projects involve Big Data meaning millions of activities and sub-activities. Planilog APS has been designed for Big Data.

  • Setting up time

Setting up time

On a given resource, you have task A followed by task B. Planilog APS can check and see if a seting up time is required for B or if can be shorter than planned. This will shorten the production cycle.

  • Links


Planilog APS manages many link types. You can have overlap links that will start a successor before a predecessor is finished. There a "load" links that take calendars into account and many more scenarios.

  • Priorties


Priorities can be defined in many ways : WIP first, customer delivery dates, product cycles, locations and with an unlimited number of properties. Our experts can train your users to optimize priorities.

  • Available components

Available components

Planilog APS will take a BOM, analyze it automatically and optimize your planning by taking purchase arrivals and produced components into account. Planilog APS will update the process in real time.

  • Efficiency

AI 1: Barycenter

Where should the location of a resource be (warehouse, factory, work shop, machine, human resource) ? Use our expert system to optimize the best location of a resource.

  • Efficiency

AI 2 :Combinatory logic

How should key elements be combined (truck load, cutting plan, other). User our expert sytem to optimize the millions combinations possible and find the best ones.

  • Efficiency

AI 3 : Meta-parameters

Planilog APS-Solver can automatically configure its own parameters during an optimizing sequence. The user has nothing to do. Planilog analyses the data and modifies the parameters.

  • Efficiency

AI 4 : Heuristics

Using its meta-parameter functionality, Planilog APS-Solver can apply a sequence of scenarios and modify its parameters automatically in the process producing powerful optimizing solutions.

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