• Headers

Quick Start Step 1 : Headers

Click on "Modify Headers" just above the data grid (text fields on the left). Modify the names headers (always use the ENTER button to confirm). Change the width of the headers (always use ENTER) button. It's possible to add more headers but start this way quickly. Click on the save button.

  • Activities

Quick Start Step 2 : Activities

Click on "Manage Activities" on the top right. A pop up screen will appear. You can now change the name of the activities that appear on the activity bar. When you are finished, click on the save button. Now you will have a color code for your activities (unlimited activities can be added).

  • Calendar

Quick Start Step 3 : Calendar

Planilog Web has a complete calendar module. To quick start though, just go to "Display", then "Calendar", select your opening hours. You can change your opening days. Then click on the save button. You will defined holidays later along with many other features. Just get started now !

  • Schedule

Quick Start Step 4 : Schedule

Drag and drop one of the activities on the activity bar to the resource and day/hour you want. Fill our the name and add it to the Gantt. That's it. You now have started planning ! You can move the activity, modify it. You now have begun to schedule. If you need more, we have a lot more !

  • Import data

Quick start demo : Import data

Once you have quick started, you might want to import data. We have very complete data integration feature (see data integration). If you want to quick start importing data, ask for a free demo (15mn-30mn) so that we can understand your need and after we'll activite the quick start import feature that will get you moving in minutes !

  • Export data

Quick start demo : Export data

Once you have carried our the 4 quick start steps, you will have a basic Gantt. You can then export it. To do this ask for a free demo(15mn to 30mn). This feature is great for data integration because the import format = the export format so you get a good import sample in one-click ! You can open the file in Excel or send it back to your ERP.

  • APS One-Click

Quick start : APS One-Click

Once you have had our Quick start demo, you'll be able to start your APS projet in...ONE CLICK ! No more tedious consulting hours. If you have a standard projet, it can start with minutes using the data you have entered in the previous quick start steps. You can of course go into a more complex APS projet after. But at least, you've started now.

  • APS data

Quick start : APS data

Once you've had our Quick Start demo, you will understand how to represent BOM and production links and activity times on the fly. You will have a complete APS project to use and show to your team with your online account. The whole quick start process from step 1 to running an APS project takes about an hour, free demo included.

  • Calendar


A Gantt is only one of the many ways to view planning data. A Calendar view offers interesting possibilities.

  • Dashboard


Planilog's dashboard is like an online Excel Sheet : you can filter it, hide or show columns, export, etc.

  • KPI

KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

Planning is great. But what's your performance. Do you deliver correctly ? Use our KPI module.

  • Load/Capacity


How are your   loaded? Display your load and capacity with our load and capacity module.

  • MRP


Do you have enough components and   ? Is your purchase plan sufficient ? User our MRP module.

  • Printing


Do you need to share your planning ? Create an online view account for a user or print a pdf and send it.

  • Instant messaging

Instant messaging

You need to quickly communicate with somebody ? Select a project line and click on the instant message button.

  • Email


You need to send or receive a mail ? Select a project line and click on the email button.

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