18 September 2014

Planilog Drone APS Scheduling and Monitoring !

Planilog’s R&D team has designed an APS Drone Scheduling and Monitoring system that can be used in many fields. This video shows the basics. Surveillance : airport parking lots, airplane hangers, plants, shops, flats, houses, forests, train tracks.
Step 1 : Planilog schedules the surveillance mission All missions are scheduled : drone pilot, flying time to target area, mission, flying time back.
Step 2 : During the flight, Planilog will monitor the drone’s GPS position, detect the flight time and reschedule the remaing flight time in real time.
Step 3 : Data is constantly streamed into a Planilog Big Data database that can manage Exabytes of data.
One Exabyte =10006=1000petabytes=1millionterabytes = 1billiongigabytes.
Step 4: The gobal planner can retrieve statistics and processes for scheduling improvement purposes.
Step 5 : Flight schedules are updated with better data

Here is short Planilog APS Drone Parking Lot surveillance mission.

The video is stored with GPS and statistical data in Planilog's Big Data environnement.

Production Monitoring on large outdoor or indoor areas

Step1 : Planilog detects a problem in a production process in a large production environment (train manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing).
Step 2 : A flight plan is initiated (see 5 step Surveillance process).
Step 3 : The drone will fly to the critical area and transmit real time streamlining to the planner-pilot.Example : the train is not painted and the ERP tracking system wasn’t correctly updated.
Step 4 : The planner can then modify his/her schedule and run Planilog APS to reschedule.


Step 1 : A delivery schedule is automatically created with Planilog APS
Step 2 : The planner-drone-pilot will confirm the schedule and run one or several drones with the delivery load to destination
Step 3 : Real-time feedback enables the planner-drone-pilot to adapt the flight and schedule accordingly.

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