2 September 2014

Jump Starting Planilog APS

Jump starting Planilog is the best way to get the feel of our solution. Jump starting is free ! Some users sign up for free, start a simple schedule and just keep using the free version which has no time limit.

Jump starting features include creating ressources, tasks, scheduling, setting up opening hours and days. You can also create links, print the project and share it with others. It's a good way to start. To go to a higher level an online presentation is necessary. Contact us for a free demo.

4 September 2014

What is a Planilog free demo ?

An expert will make the free Planilog demo. During the presentation, we analyze your goals and show you the fastest and most cost effective way to achieve them. Most Gantt projects and APS projects are overrated by our competition because it's the best way to obtain high priced projects from a customer.

Our policy is quite the oppposite : find the fastest and most cost effective way to get a project rolling ! Why ? Because we're looking at volume not a just getting a maximum amount of money out of a limited amount of customers. So during the demo, rest assured that we'll find the fastest way to get your project moving. We also manage projects with up to 1000 users this way and it works fine as it has since 1992.

9 September 2014

What is APS One-Click ?

APS One-Click is a way to start an APS project in One-Click (see September 5 Blog's video). Sometimes the APS One-Click model proves to be enough for an APS project. After all, it takes finite capacity, task priorities, links and delivvery dates into account. It's also extremely cost effective since the project can be started in a few minutes. Why don't our competitors offer this ? The answer is simple : why is Google mail free ?, why is Amazon cloud player free ?, why is Facebook free ?. Because we're living in a new virtual world in which free accounts and low cost projects lead to bigger avenues. The bigger picture is "VOLUME". The more customers you have, the more you learn, the more they learn from you and the more income you get. We're a small company looking at quality of life more than trying to find huge income through overrated projects. We've been around since 1992 and never lost a cent so we know our method is efficient. APS One-Click can make you start an APS projet in no time !

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