12 September 2014

Planilog, Microsoft Excel and Google APPs

At this point, all scheduling software editors can stop pretending they are all "world leaders". Saying that, writing that and even backing it up with million dollar yearly sales would be comical if they weren't so serious ! Everybody in almost every company in the world knows that Microsoft Excel is the world leader in scheduling ! Since 1992, almost every company we've met has an Excel spreadsheet of some kind involved in the scheduling process. Even Planilog, with thousands of online users, can't compete with the hundreds of millions of Micrsoft Excel users. Then let's not forget Google Apps. Google Apps is not just a little web application for fun because the real stuff is on a desktop. That is a pre-historic way of thinkg of it. Google is THE world leader in online applications including a fantastic spreadsheed that is being used to schedule as well. So where does Planilog come in ? Planilog offers a free Gantt view of your spreadsheed data with its Quick Start Import functionality with any of our low cost subscriptions !

Contact us for a free demo and get to work in a few minutes.

12 September 2014

Planilog, Microsoft Dynamics,SAP and all ERPs

Microsoft Dynamics (NAV) like all ERPs has an excellent way to read data directy in their database. We're not in the XXth century anymore. Every data integration tool possible is available ! Planilog has had acccess to these tools for many years.

We are integrated to SAP, Sage and many other ERPs. But let's take Microsoft Dynamics as an example. When we started out, we contacted an Microsoft Dynamic distributor. He sent us a standard SQL Server demo database (no applicationrequired). We plugged Planilog Connect technology in it and with a couple of hours had a nice Planilog Web Gantt to display and a few minutes after APS One-Click was activated for automatic scheduling. The cost ? 2 hours work to get the standard connection running with APS One-Click core model. Why APS One-Click ? Who wants to move hundreds of tasks manually when a robot can schedule them taking finite capacity, resources, constraints and other burdens off the user's shoulders ?

5 September 2014

Planilog APS-DRONE & Big Data launched by Planilog in September 2014 !

Planilog APS, drones and Big Data on Planilog's Cloud. Those are powerful innovations ! Let's take the concepts and applications one by one. Planilog APS can be used for very complex solution solving problems. For example, Planilog APS-Solver has been used to optimise routes taking many constraints into account. This means that Planilog APS has the ability to calculate a route for a vehicule and take constraints into account.

Drones are the present and future of transportation of all kinds. Humans can dwell on the philosphy of it but it's a fact. Humans will be replaced progressively by drones and robot processes in many fields : warfare, deliveries, firefighting detection, transportation, exploration, etc. Planilog APS has many assets for drone management : scheduling routes taking the many drone constraints into account, taking human pilots into account, taking obstacles into account and all of the drone flying constraints into account.

If we're talking about real time flying and data collecting (video, sound, travelling data), forget the tiny terabyte world ! We're at least talking about exabytes (1 EB = 10006bytes = 1018bytes = 1000000000000000000B = 1000petabytes = 1millionterabytes = 1billiongigabytes). So forget the little reliable server. Planilog APS has now entered the Big Data sphere and has access to incredible data storage power.

In septembre 2014, Planilog started its first experimental Planilog-APS drone flying program. Planilog has several ongoing marketing segments. So keep looking here because we'll be posting blogs with some videos as we explore this area ! More

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