Q?Why do you have a free version ? How do you make money ?

It's true that on the APS market, free versions don't exist. So why do we offer this ? We do it because we learn on a lot from free users. We have thousands of free users that have subscribed. They often provide interestng feedback !

Our APS competitors only interact with a very limited number of companies, usually in the hundreds or few thousand. With this approach we accumulate a huge amount of data on all types of companies and activities. We learn tremendously. So thank you free users !

Q?Why are your licenses so low ?

It's true that we probably offer the lowest APS prices on the market. Our product is a very high level APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) solution that has been used by major corporations since 1992.

So why not bring the prices up ? Well, we've done the opposite. We've been bringing the prices down. Our solution is an SAAS solution running on a Cloud/Cluster architecture. We have an annual cost and each user simply pays his share. We don't want to charge hight licences because we want to provide a lot of paying services !

Q?Is your business reliable in the long term ?

This one is easy. We've been around since 1992 and have never lost a cent in all of those years.

Our core customer base consists of major corporations. Since our prices our low, we have many customers and don't depend on any customer, market, country to survive ! That's one of the great advantages of having a solution at low price : a very large customer base.

Q?What's the first step towards a project ?

The first step is a POC (Proof of Concept) prototype.

We take your data. We prove our solution will work if you purchase it.

Q?Is the SAAS solution safe ?

Our architecture has standard SSL, firewall and antivirus protection like on all servers.

Our solution is generally safer than many companies. We also have security processes, among many solutions, such as installing the data connectors on your server side and just use our application as an application server.

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