Hundreds of Gantt, Data integration and APS Features !

    • Gantt

      A full web Gantt with hundreds of features ! Schedule and share online in real time.

    • Data Integration : Importing and exporting data

      Import/export data with Planilog Connect. Planilog Connect can be used with all of the ERPs and data systems on the market.

    • APS

      Planilog APS is one of the most powerful APS solutions on the market.

    • SAAS

      No costly licences. Nothing at all to install. Open your browser, sign in and plan !

    • Multi-language

      Choose the language you want to use per user and store the words in our database.

    • Workflow

      Share your schedule with your team : instant messaging, mails, Gantt sharing, report sharing.

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Our Feature Methodology can be summed in one word : "standard". Each new customer request is a challenge to find a way to develop the new feature in our standard product.

It seems easy but it isn't. It takes the know-how we built up since 1992 to achieve this. The new feature must satisfy not just the first company who asked for it but all of the users on our SAAS Cloud Cluster.


Applying our methodology takes huge strategic efforts. Our Agile/Extreme Programming approach has proven the best. We talk not only to one customer but to many users who are looking at the new feature. Then we wrap the ideas up and starting coding with our customers.

  • Talk to the users and show them the new feature
  • Go back to coding with their ideas
  • Show the users the result and repeat the process until the users are satisfied.


In an APS project features can be software features or processes. That's the difficult part to understand. An APS project is a sum of processes and the software is enforce them.

  • Step 1 : Identify the right organization processes
  • Step 2 : Write them down with the users
  • Step 3 : Find the easiest way to achieve the project
  • Step 4 : Get a prototype running asap and repeat the process until it's right on track!

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