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How it works?

Planilog has a solid pre-sales method that has been constantly optimized since 1992.

Choosing a reliable solution requires very precise analyzing.

Our method covers all aspects of a project : the product, integrating data, training, optimizing resources.

What we offer?

  • 1

    A web session to present our product, understand your project

    We have a large online database of existing models. We explore them together and find the one that is the closest to your project

  • 2

    Confirming your project with a POC (Proof of Concept) prototype

    We take your data and create a real project to set up the fundamental features you're looking for. You then have access to the application, online, with your customized account.

  • 3

    Project Schedule

    Once both parties are sure the prototype runs correctly, we plan your project together with our online project scheduling tool : integrating data, setting the application up, training, consulting.

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